- Ginger Culinary Training Centre -

Ginger Culinary Training Centre is positioned to fulfill our second mission as a Catering Consulting Firm; i.e. Human Capacity Development.

Being an industry practitioner for well over two decades, we understand the gaps in our peculiar market and are committed to bridging these gaps through professionalism in the art of cooking; enough to make Master Chefs and Celebrity Chefs.

Our society tends to see catering as an option for drop outs or uneducated people even though their services keep people alive daily.  

We are out to change this perception!

A professional Chef is a celebrity! We believe that if you know your worth, you should celebrate yourself, your skills and your profession. We aim that Caterers are Professionals who appreciate and value themselves; and by so doing, command the value and appreciation of others.  

Ginger Culinary Training Center Objectives

  • Empowerment
  • Adding value to homes and families
  • Adding value to life
  • Catering professionalism
  • Improving kitchen hygiene
  • Best practices in the catering profession

Ginger Culinary Training Center is all about Passion!

  • Passion for professionalism! cooking done in a pleasant, equipped and professional environment where knowledge and skills acquired and shared.
  • Passion to Empower: to help people make a career and make a success of life within the Catering industry; train ordinary cooks to become professional Chefs etc.
  • Passion for happier homes: we realize that home food is the cheapest, safest, cleanest and most nutritious foods; by improve the diet and cooking methods of families the home is sweeter and more appealing.
  • Passion for Knowledge and Learning; we believe learning is continuous and dynamic, we intend to keep up-to-date and meet all your catering questions.


The Center is located in a serene environment in Gwarinpa Estate Abuja with easy access to most modern requirement:

  • Good road network,
  • Good transportation network,
  • Banking services,
  • Shopping services and
  • Internet services, etc.

The Center has two main training areas:

  • The Kitchen arena and,
  • The Faculty arena.

Kitchen Arena

The kitchen arena comes fully equipped to accommodate about 15 participants at a time, each with access to exciting kitchen facilities and work spaces. 

Faculty Arena

Amiable computer based training room, conducive for presentations, mini-conferences, oral training and learning.


There are a wide range of training topics and modules designed to address the needs of our target market. The modules are complete with instructional materials, recipes and practical.

Each training session comprises two modules, Oral and Practical.

Oral Sessions: The oral training session will usually be the first part of the training. This is an important part of the training because it teaches the basics of what is expected in the kitchen, and it’s usually necessary to emphasize on this session of the training because it forms a good foundation for the proper running of the kitchen.

Practical Session: The kitchen is known basically for practical training because the making of mis en place and the preparation of food itself involves a display of skills in cooking for a proper understanding rather than just writing recipe on paper which cannot be compared with practically putting the ingredients together to get a great tasty food. For this reasons more days will be dedicated to the practical session of the training.


Training will run weekly on several aspects.

  We offer a wide range of training:

  • Private Training Classes
  • Small Chops and Finger Foods
  • Nigerian Soups and Specialty
  • Chinese Cuisines
  • Italian Cuisines
  • Salads and Healthy Foods
  • Fruit and Vegetables Carving and Display
  • Kitchen Hygiene and Basic Kitchen Knowledge
  • Professional Bartending Training Courses
  • 360 Degrees Training Courses for Restaurant Servers
  • Cocktails, Mocktails, Shakes and Smoothies
  • Advance Culinary Training:
    • Food Costing.
    • Cost Control.
    • Food and Beverages Operation Management.
    • Waste Management.
    • Menu Planning.
    • Store Management.
    • Writing and Interpreting Recipes.
    • Banquet Setting


Summer Classes for Students

Special Youth Corp Classes

Out Station Hotel Cooks Training

Boarding School Training

Women/Youth Development Training

Finishing School

Life Coach Training

Weekend Group Training

Family Cook Out


Training Kitchen Space

Modern Conference Room