Catering Service

- Catering Consulting -

-Provide accurate, up-to-date and valuable advisory on all areas of Catering to improve sales and services;

-Provide on-demand Catering services;

-Provide Recipe book, videos and publications;

-Catering programmes on News and social media;

-Provide advisory for Restaurant/Hotel setup and management

-Other associated catering services

-  Catering Human Capacity building -

  • Training, Mentoring and Development.
  • Customized curriculum to meet specific needs and timing.
  • Professional training.
    • To staff in hospitality industry,
    • To organizations, agencies,
    • To wives, Women, Teenagers and Cooks,
    •  Small / Medium scale business owners and start-ups,
    • Anyone generally interested in getting professional and healthy touches in their kitchen

 - Catering Resourcing -

  1. Opportunity for interested Trainees to be fixed up in jobs
  2. Professional Chef Resourcing
  3. Provide Catering Human Resource for clients private and business outfits
    • Hotel Managers
    • Bar managers
    • Chef,
    • Cooks,
    • Stewards
    • Waiters

- Other Related Services -

  • Rentals

              -Training Kitchen Space

               -Modern Conference Room

  • Catering and Hotel Management
  • Supply of Commercial & Home Kitchen Equipment
  • Supply of Quality and Fashionable Chef Wears and other Catering Uniforms